Barbour’s Baskets

Our first Community Service project will be at the end of September and is called “Snacks for Barbour’s Basket”. Ms. Barbour, our school counselor, helps many children who either can not afford a snack or who have forgotten one that day to be able to have a healthy snack while at school. Her supplies are getting low so we are going to ask the students to help build it back up. This is a small way the children can give back to their own community.

For a week, children will be asked to bring their own snack, plus one for “Barbour’s Basket”. Each classroom will have a basket marked “Ms. Barbour’s Basket” to put the “extra snack” in. Examples are fruit, a nutri-grain/ Zbar, cheese and crackers, etc. We are asking students to bring one extra snack. This is totally optional. If a child wants to participate more than one day during that week it is their choice! Encourage your child to take the initiative to help a friend at school by sharing a snack. This is a low cost way to help others, and a valuable one for the school. These snacks will be given to Ms. Barbour to distribute.

This year Barbour’s Basket will be September 18-22. 

Our school has a giving heart. Teaching our children to give to others will not only grow their hearts but it is good for their minds and souls. Thank you for your support . Questions? Please contact our Community Service Chairs, Sonja Peterson at or Michelle Rankin at