Honoring Ms. Menoher



Stafford primary lost one of their dear family members, Holly Menoher, to brain cancer this last Monday.  Ms. Menoher was a special friend to many staff members and parents, but above all she was a phenomenal teacher who profoundly touched the lives of many students in our district.  Holly had a gift for connecting with and inspiring a thirst for learning in her students.  In honor of her passion, Stafford PTSA plans to help create The Holly Menoher Outdoor Classroom.  The courtyard situated between the principal’s office and the hallway that leads to the playground will undergo a major renovation to include additional hardscaping around the perimeter, large boulders for students to sit on, ornamental trees, low maintenance plants, picnic tables, a rolling white board and more.


Justin Leblanc, a former Stafford student, will be heading this renovation as his Eagle Scout service project.  Many of the materials are being donated by local business, however to help ensure costs are covered, the PTSA Community Service dine-out funds that normally go towards an international community service project in the spring will stay at Stafford this year to construct the Holly Menoher Outdoor Classroom.  The PTSA also held a special vote on Wednesday morning to release up to $1,500 in funds to cover additional costs.  If you have ideas about specific features for the courtyard that you feel would honor Holly, please let us know so we can take those into consideration during this project.  We are also happy to accept any donations to be earmarked for the Holly Menoher Outdoor Classroom as it is PTSA’s hope to make this unique learning space one that will be as inspirational as Ms. Menoher was to her students.


For questions contact Dardee Layne president1@staffordptsa.com & Clarissa Aoyama president2@staffordptsa.com